6 Audi A4 Upgrades You Should Consider Today

6 Audi A4 Upgrades You Should Consider Today

The Audi A4 was built in 1994 as an upgrade to the Audi 80. Since then, it has been a model of luxury for more than 10 years. Are you looking to put a makeover on your Audi A4 it deserves? Check out these upgrades today.


Alloy Wheels

If your current Audi A4 alloy wheels are looking rusty and worn out, then you need to give a makeover it deserves. You need to consider a lot of factors when buying some new alloy wheels including materials, sizes, and paints. Aside from aesthetics, alloy wheels provide a lot of benefits such as smoother driving, reduced depreciation, and enhanced suspension.


Turbo Motor

The 1.8-liter turbo motor is a powerful engine that can sustain some crazy levels of forced-induction. Of course, there are some compromises that you need to consider; as you raise the pressure of the intake air-charge, you eventually reach a point of diminishing returns. Additionally, increased power means a reduction in the level of power delivery refinement.


Most A4 owners begin with a chip upgrade to unleash amazing latent performance. For these owners, the increase in power output satisfied their need for more power. After the chip upgrade, you can increase the engine’s breathing abilities to obtain more power.


Exhaust System

If you want to increase power and finely tune the sound, you can upgrade your Audi A4 with the MagnaFlow Touring Series Cat-Back Exhaust System. This stainless steel cat-back exhaust system is slightly bent to keep their shape through the bends to keep the gas flow from any obstructions. The gases are directed into the free-flow mufflers with polished necks and pierced stainless steel tuning pipe.


For Audi A4 owners who are enthusiasts of a more aggressive sound, you can start with a downpipe. The sound volume will increase significantly by replacing the large straight through resonator with a more compact but still straight through the resonator.


Performance Brakes

A brake upgrade will offer the highest level of stopping power with larger-diameter disc rotors. Ksport provides their most vigorous stopping power with SuperComp brake upgrade packages that need no vehicle modifications installations. Power Stop drilled and slotted rotors offer you the benefits of cooling and sweeping away particles.


Suspension Systems

A front and rear lowering Coilover kit allow drivers to appreciate the great handling and superb ride comfort. It has a unique adjustable lowering feature that enables you to tune in the perfect ride height hence, improving performance and control.


If you want to fine-tune your suspension features and retain full suspension strokes, the coil-over dampers are your ultimate upgrade. Sway bar links are your best bet when you hear a noise and experience imprudent body roll.


Air Intake Systems

Replacing your air filter allows you to get engine protection and more economical operation. There are several types of air filter available such as panel, oval tapered, and round tapered. The panel air filter is designed to increase horsepower and custom made to fit your current factory air box. The tapered variations are constructed with super strong molded flexible rubber flanges to absorb vibration.


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