The Audi TT through the years

Audi TT

The Audi TT through the years

As this year is the 20th birthday of the much-loved Audi TT, we thought it appropriate to take a look back at how this car has transformed over the years. From the moment it wowed crowds at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995 to its latest incarnation, the TT has turned heads with its look and speed. But how has the car transformed over two decades? And what’s the future of the TT looking like?

The first generation: future or retro?

The first generation of the Audi TT caused some disagreement between car lovers; did it look futuristic or retro, or a combination of the two? One thing they all agreed on, however, was that it looked good. Many loved the big circular fenders and while the bubble roof wasn’t popular with everyone, it nicely complemented the overall look of the car. Inside the interior looked as good as the exterior styling. Everything had been carefully thought about with even the circular air vents matching the circular gauges. We always had one problem with the first generation Audi TT—it just wasn’t very good performance wise! Sure it looked great and it got you from A to B, but on the track it never quite lived up to its billing.

The second generation: more style, more speed

Many manufacturers never take on board the feedback from their early generations of cars. Not so with Audi and the TT. When the second generation was announced in 2004, Audi claimed that it would be made of aluminum to provide a lighter car and sharper handling. They followed through on that promise. When it launched in 2007 the second generation TT was sharper, more stylish and more fun to drive. The aluminum made the car significantly lighter and more dynamic—and faster. This was also the first generation to include the Audi TT RS. The second generation wasn’t without its shortcomings, however. Despite being a very fun car to drive, it never lived up to its billing as a precision instrument of engineering. And it was never winning any races on the track.

The third generation: perfected finally?

With the advent of the third generation of the Audi TT, it feels like Audi have been slowly working to perfection. The latest generation is a very, very good car. Owing to the fact that it is based off the VW Group’s MQB platform its even lighter and more dynamic than ever before. The steering has got much sharper making it perfect for track days. The RS is significantly better, too. Take its 400 brake horsepower 2.5L five-cylinder engine onto the track and you’ll instantly see what we mean. Tune it up and it goes even better.

Making the most of your Audi TT

If you want to take your TT to the next level, Gerber Motorsport can help. Our engineers and mechanics can overhaul your existing TT engine to get it firing on even more cylinders, giving you the power and speed needed to tear up your next track day. Get in touch to find out more.