Audi’s New SUV Promises Quicker Charging than a Tesla

Audi’s New SUV Promises Quicker Charging than a Tesla

Audi launched the e-Tron, a midsize luxury electric SUV at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. Although no exact figures were mentioned, Audi hinted that the vehicle might have a range in excess of 250 miles. The car will be launched in Europe later this year with a version bound for the U.S. in 2019.

The e-Tron looks great and the arrival of an electric SUV is sure to excite Audi lovers. But the real news was Audi’s claim that the e-Tron could eclipse Tesla charging times. In fact, Audi promises an almost full charge within 30 minutes.

The secret to this rapid charge is the car’s dense and powerful battery pack and a new charging infrastructure. The battery pack contains 432 cells, 12 to a module, inside a sandwich of aluminum panels. The battery pack is roughly the size of a queen size bed and bolts to the car at 35 points.

Beneath the layer of cells, Audi runs water and antifreeze through a cooling circuit attached to the pack. That helps to keep the pack’s temperature between 77 and 95 degrees whether it is plugged in or the car is on the move.

Audi claims that it will be the first production vehicle that can be charged in a 150-kW DC line under the Combined Charging System standard. This means the e-Tron will reach 80% charge within 30 minutes.

The e-Tron will have one or two onboard chargers that will allow it to connect to a range of stations and charge points. In Europe, for example, this will mean that the e-Tron can be charged at most of the 65,000 stations located across the continent. High-speed charging will only be possible on the Ionity network of stations that are under construction throughout Europe.

But even if a fast-charging station isn’t in the area, drivers will still be able to connect to a charging station using an 11kw AC charger or a 22kw charger, both of which are portable. Audi even promises to make billing automatic and make paperwork a thing of the past with a seamless plug and charge feature.

In the U.S., the Electrifying America network, which is funded in part by VW Group’s diesel settlement is going to build almost 300 high-speed charging stations across the country by the end of 2019. This will even include some at retail hotspots such as Walmart and Target.

While you wait for the new e-tron to make it to our shores, we can still carry out all of the maintenance work your gas or diesel Audi needs. Get in touch to find out more.