How to effectively maintain your Audi

How to effectively maintain your Audi

If you have an Audi, then you are among the lucky few to drive a world-renowned car. Audi’s are prized everywhere for their exceptional performance, excellent engineering and superb overall quality. With an Audi, you get to enjoy distinct pride and status that only a handful select other brands could provide. The Audi brand has been captivating car enthusiasts for decades – a brand that is the epitome of progressive engineering and automobile perfection.

But if you want your Audi to last for many years instead of trading it in every few years, you need to make sure that you stick to all the maintenance recommendations from Audi and your dealer. While today’s engines are engineered to last, they also perform at a very high rate. This makes on-time maintenance all the more vital. Especially when your Audi is newly purchased, it would be wise to rely on your franchised dealer for proper maintenance. This guarantees that the right steps are being completed and that there is nothing compromising the terms and conditions of your warranty.

Basic Maintenance Tips

  1. Always check the car before you drive.
  2. Check your Audi’s tire pressure, engine oil level, and wash the front glass and its wiper blades from dirt and dust for optimum visibility when you drive.
  3. Regularly check the recommended maintenance interval. You can see it in your Audi’s service manual book.
  4. Never opt for unauthorized service centers for your car’s maintenance and service.

Scheduled Maintenance Tips

  • Conduct proper engine oil change, transmission oil, brake oil and coolant at the right time.
  • Regularly clean your car inside and out
  • Examine your Audi’s battery and fan belt condition
  • Get a wheel alignment service when you observe imbalance in steering and wheel

How to solve your Audi’s common Issues

  • Engine issues – Examine engine oil levels, fan belt condition or take your car to an Audi service center for better results.
  • Transmission issues – Replace the transmission oil and filter and examine all the gears in its transmission box.
  • Brake Issues – When experiencing some issues in your brake disc, pad it and then replace ASAP and fill up the brake oil.

Car specific fluids

When you take your Audi for service, make sure that the service center is utilizing only recommended fluids. Before, you could virtually use any kind of brand for oil, brake fluid, and other engine oils. Today though, every manufacturer has particular recommendations. For example, in all their 2011 models and beyond, General Motors recommends the use of specific semi-synthetic oil called Dexos. Car manufacturers also recommend certain engine fluids which can be found in every owner’s manual. Diesel engines may also need distinct fluids as well.

When you use recommended products, your car will not only work better but you will not violate any conditions under your warranty. If you service your Audi at an Audi dealership, the automaker will presume that proper products were being utilized. When you opt for independent service centers, be sure that you receive necessary documentation on all the fluids used for every service.


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