The Everyman’s Guide to Caring for an Audi

The Everyman’s Guide to Caring for an Audi

The Everyman’s Guide to Caring for an Audi

As with everything, caring for an Audi and keeping it in peak performance entails a lot of maintenance on your part. Furthermore, having your Audi well maintained makes it more viable for upholding any warranty claims in the event that there are corrosion or paint defects. Needless to say, caring for your Audi is a must; most especially since having one, in the first place, is an expensive business. To help you with this, here is a guide to caring for an Audi:

Washing Your Audi

Washing your Audi is a necessary step to take away substance like insects, bird droppings, tree sap, road dirt, industrial deposits, tar, soot, road salt, and other aggressive materials on your car. The longer they remain, the more damage they will cause to the paint; most especially if they are exposed to high temperatures. Furthermore, wash the underside of the Audi when salt is put on the roads.


The safest way to clean and remove the dirt, road grime, and other soot off your Audi is washing it by hand. You have to use plenty of water when beginning to soften the dirt first. You must also take note to rinse off as well as possible.  In cleaning the vehicle, use a soft sponge, glove, or brush with slight pressure. Remember not be harsh as it might damage your Audi’s paint. Always begin cleaning from the roof then down to the bottom areas; the last being the wheels, sills, and other similar areas where you use a second sponge. Only use special care shampoo on areas with persistent substances.



  • Do not wash in direct sunlight
  • Do not use insect and other abrasive sponges
  • Wash headlights only with water
  • Do not wash the tires with pressure jet
  • Wash Audi on special wash bays to keep its oil from entering public drains


Waxing and Polishing Your Audi

Waxing your Audi helps protect the paintwork. Once water no longer forms droplets, apply a good coat of wax. Only do this at least twice a year.

A well-waxed Audi will make it easier to wash off and remove dead insects that accumulate on the bumper and the front of the bonnet.

Polish only once the paint has lost its shine and waxing cannot bring back its gloss. Waxing should happen after polishing if the polish used does not contain wax compounds to seal the paint.


  • Remember not to treat matte painted and plastic cars with wax or polish.

Ornamental Trim and Moldings

To care for your ornamental trim and moldings, it is important to remove dirt or marks on them with an acid-free cleaning agent, not chrome cleaner. It is also not suitable to use body polish for trim moldings. These things could cause dull or milky patches on your car when dried out.

For plastic parts, you can always apply regular washing. If it doesn’t help, clean it with a special solvent-free plastic cleaning agent. Again, do not use paint cleaners, polishes, or wax on plastic parts.


There are some things that you can’t take care of yourself, however. To make sure that your Audi is running at its best, we provide a comprehensive maintenance and tuning service. Book your Audi in today.