Explaining Audi Body Styles

Explaining Audi Body Styles

A beginner in car terms? If you’re still new to the automotive world, there’s a chance that you’re confused with some terms like coupé or Spyder, hatchback or sedan. In this short post, we’ll take a look at some of the common terms in the vehicle industry.

More and more designs are sprouting nowadays. As designs merge and evolve, new body styles are born. But to keep it simple, here are some of the common body types you should know about:

1.    Hatchback

This is a car with a sloped back where the hinged door opens upward. Hatchbacks are typically small and can seat less than five people. This is different from SUVs and MPVs since hatchbacks are usually more compact. Hatchbacks are perfect for people who want a small car with a wide-opening trunk.

2.    Sedan

Sedans are common passenger cars also known as saloons. It has a bonnet covering the engine and it bears a boot at the rear for additional load. Sedans are also popular as the “three-box” body type. So far, this is the most common body type among vehicles.

3.    MPV

MPV stands for multi-purpose vehicle. These are taller than wagons and feature either one or two-box designs. MPVS are made to be larger to seat up to 7 people. This is the reason why it’s also called as ‘people carriers’, minivan, ‘people-movers’, and multi-utility cars.

4.    SUV

SUV means Sports Utility Vehicle and is one of the most popular cars next to sedan. It’s usually made with a four-wheeled drive system which suits both off-road and on-road driving. This has similarities with an estate car which you’ll know about later on. Some SUVs can have the towing power same with pick-ups.

5.    Crossover

Crossovers are popular in the Audi brand. It’s a vehicle created in a car platform but bears features of an SUV including a high seating position and better ground clearance. Somehow, crossovers look like sedans; however, this has a limited off-roading capacity. Although it shares some SUV features, a crossover car has unibody architecture.

6.    Estate

Station wagons as they are commonly called, estate cars are almost the same with sedans except for the extended cargo area. With that, estate cars bear a two-box design, making the passenger compartment stretch over the boot. Also, this type of car isn’t common in India.

7.    Coupé

Coupé is a variant of sedan cars where the doors are only 2 instead of 4. A good example of this is the Audi A5. However, due to the advancements in designs, the likes of Mercedes-Benz have produced a 4-door coupé.

8.    Convertible

A convertible car is the one with a retractable roof. This is usually seen on high-end sports cars like BMW Z4. This is also called Spyder by some brands. The roofs are made of vinyl or canvas although there are already steel, plastic, and aluminum varieties nowadays. Also, convertible cars are typically 2-door only.

As you see, each body type has unique features and purposes. If you’re purchasing a new car, always consider this part.