What to look for in an Audi repair shop

What to look for in an Audi repair shop

There are many things I recommend people look for when searching for a nearby Audi repair shop. Remember, you aren’t just asking them to service any old American car, you’re asking the shop to service a fine-tuned piece of German engineering. It takes a certain level of knowledge to be able to successfully repair an Audi. Here are the top things I look for in an Audi Repair shop.

A specialized service

The first thing I look for is a garage that specializes in Audi repair. I don’t just want a European car repair shop or a German car repair shop, I want an Audi repair shop. German cars, and specifically Audi, are engineered to provide the high level of performance that you know and love. It won’t come as any surprise, then, that it takes special tools and diagnostic equipment to keep your car finely tuned. The last thing I want to do is to take the car to a general repair shop that probably won’t have the right tools for the job or understand exactly how an Audi engine works. It may be more expensive to go to a specialist repair shop, but you will probably save yourself money in the long run. With a general repair shop, the problem probably won’t be fixed properly the first time and will only worsen.

Access to Audi parts

The next thing I look for is proof that the repair shop has access to authentic Audi parts, the same that are available to an Audi dealership. Not all car parts are created equal. The best parts of your car will be the ones designed specifically for Audis and other German cars. Again, these might be expensive, but they will probably save you money in the long run. In some instances, you may find it cheaper to install high-performance parts that are not made specifically for Audi. I check repair shops have access to these too.

Reasonable prices

I certainly don’t want to skimp when it comes to repairing my Audi. And while it’s often true that if you pay cheap, you pay twice, I don’t want to get ripped off, either. That’s why after I think I have found a suitable repair shop, I make sure to check all of their prices before handing over the keys to my car. A good repair shop should always be able to offer great work at a price you can afford.

A clean shop

The state of the repair shop, particularly the garage floor and the waiting area can say a lot about the quality of workmanship available and the care with which they will treat your car. If the work area and waiting room are messy, it shows that they don’t take pride in their work. If they don’t take pride in their work, they won’t care for your car properly. If the areas are clean, however, it suggests that they provide a well organized and caring service. Just the kind of service you want.


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