How to prepare your Audi for its first track day

How to prepare your Audi for its first track day

How to prepare your Audi for its first track day

Taking your Audi to its first track day can be very exciting. After all, it would be the moment when you will discover the full potential of your prized car. It can also be nerve-wracking especially when you think of the unknown and all the possible things that could go wrong. But as with anything in life, preparation is key to confidence. So you can go through your first experience unscathed, here are some preparations that you can do.

1.) Prepare your Audi

Preparing your Audi for a track day is crucial especially if you want things to go smoothly. Be sure that your Audi’s fluids are full, the brake pads are still thick enough and that your tires are not worn out. And don’t forget to de-clutter your car’s interior, as well as the tiniest object, can sometimes become a big inconvenience when you are turning the corner at high speeds.

While driving your car during a track day, be sure to monitor your:

  • Engine temperature
  • Oil consumption
  • Tire wear

Checking your tire pressures will also help you prolong the life of your rubber and avoid eating too much lap time. Halfway through your track day, the rising temperatures on the track will result in a sudden increase in tire pressure and this is something that you need to be aware of at all times.

Once you have completed your track, it’s crucial to wait for your car to cool down properly. If you suddenly park your car after your last lap, your discs and brake pads might become damaged in the process. By circulating at a brisk pace on the last lap you allow the discs, engine and transmission to diffuse heat properly.

2.) Prepare yourself

But it’s not just your Audi that you need to prepare, you also have to ready yourself for the big day. On top of your priority should be proper clothing and gear.

  • It should be something that covers your arms and legs since this is a standard for the majority of tracks.
  • Your shoes should also have thin soles to ensure a better feel for the pedal.
  • FInd a helmet that adheres to motorsport regulations (especially if you plan on attending more track days in the future).

You should also ensure that you are well prepared physically and mentally. Proper sleep is important that’s why you need to book a hotel for the night before the track day when the destination is far away. You might feel that having lots of rest and things to eat might be too far fetched but it makes a lot of difference. And finally, make sure that you arrive early so you can prepare yourself accordingly and have enough time left in your hands to cover things that you may have forgotten for the day.

3.) Know the Rules

Now that you and your Audi are ready to hit the track, it’s time for you to know some basic rules. Bear in mind that track day is not race day which means you should only overtake on the left-hand side of the track (there are circuits that allow it so check beforehand). Most track day events also do not allow overtaking in braking zones so be sure to check for cars coming fast from behind and ensure to let them pass without danger. Finally, never forget to remain calm and enjoy the moment as you feel your Audi reaching its limits.


To make sure that your Audi is truly ready for its first track day, book it in for a performance tuning with us at Gerber Motorsport. We’ll provide a complete maintenance and tuning service to ensure you get the most out of your Audi on the big day.