A quick guide to Audi buying

A quick guide to Audi buying

Audis make a great collectors car. But many collectors end up disappointed when their vintage Audi isn’t all it was cracked up to be once they get it home. A lot of this can be avoided if you know what to look for during the buying process. So that you can make a smart purchase, here’s a quick and handy guide to buying an old Audi.

Make sure you love it

It’s the same as buying anything – clothes, a new laptop etc – if you don’t love it before you buy it, you shouldn’t buy it. There are so many vintage Audis available to buy, that you shouldn’t rush into a decision. Even if you think it’s an amazing deal, don’t just be swayed by the money. Make sure that you really want to drive the car before completing the purchase.

Do your homework

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find out if a model is the right model for you. Put in the make and model you’re looking for into Google and you’re bound to pull up more information than you could possibly read through. It will also allow you to get a fair idea of price to tell if you’re being ripped off. Make sure, however, that you compare condition fairly. That is one of the main deciding factors when it comes to price.

Do the numbers match up?

One of the best things to look for in a vintage car is what is known as matching numbers. This is when the engine number, transmission number and rear axle number all match the vehicle’s VIN number that is stamped on them. It might not be as easy as seeing the numbers stamped on them, sometimes you will have to do a bit of detective work to make sure they match. But if they do, you are on to a winner.

Run away from rust

You can avoid one of the biggest problems with vintage cars by running far away from the brown stuff. Even if it is a tiny bit of rust and the car is otherwise spotless, I still wouldn’t purchase the car. In my opinion, once a rusty car, always a rusty car. A rusty car may be a lot cheaper, but you’re probably better saving your money and trying to find a nicer car.

Look for limited editions

Where possible you want to look for Audis that weren’t produced in bulk. If you can find a particular model of which only 5,000 or 10,000 were produced, you’re on the right track. There are some versions of the Audi Quattro which were very limited in run. These are a great choice for the Audi enthusiast looking to purchase a vintage car.


Once you’ve got your Audi, we can carry out any necessary repairs and provide a tuning service that gets the most out of your new car. Get in touch to find out more.