For sales, brokerage, collection management and special promotions of classic, vintage and professional racing machines, our combined 50 plus years of experience and hands-on know-how, sets Gerber Motorsport and it’s parent company – Dobson Motorsport – ¬†apart as a prime single-source resource in this fast-paced, complex industry. Dobson Motorsport can help you sell your Porsche or other fine European or Collector car quickly and efficiently. Our sales record is over 90% and we can also help you locate the much sought-after rare and hard-to-find vehicles you desire. We will also purchase exceptional Porsche vehicles of all types.


From the ordinary to the outrageous, the cars we showcase and broker in our galleries for our clients may vary but our one, single benchmark is their quality and collectability! We provide the most discerning vitals on all cars as to ownership, provenance and details. Our Speed Days events are without peer in the industry and we recently have begun collection and driver management. Inquire for more information.