Will Audi be launching an Electric Supercar?

Will Audi be launching an Electric Supercar?

It was a sad time for Audi-lovers when the brand announced they were stopping production of the Audi R8 supercar after 2020. It is the only supercar model that the brand has ever produced and it has been one of the most iconic cars for Audi since the company’s inception. But it will soon go for good. Although word on the street is that the guys at Audi headquarters are looking at the possibility of making an all-electric supercar that incorporates new solid-state batteries.

We’ve heard that the only thing actually stopping Audi from creating the car was the current state of battery technology. This is according to Peter Oberndorfer, the technology boss at Audi, who said “We consider everything at the moment but I personally believe we need a little bit more battery development. Our development boss Peter Mertens is speaking of solid-state batteries, which are still a few years away, but I think it would be an advantage if it will be developed so that batteries are getting lighter and need less space.”

If Audi wants to develop their own steady state batteries, they will probably need to look for outside help. As of the moment, only Tesla produce their own batteries in-house. One company that would be top of the list is Samsung SDI. That’s because Audi is already working with the South Korean company to make batteries for the upcoming Audi e-tron. What’s more, Samsung SDI even showed off some steady state battery technology at the Detroit Motor Show earlier this year. With that in mind, the partnership makes total sense.

Should Audi make an electric supercar, it would certainly go some way to fill the Audi R8-shaped hole that will soon appear in the company’s lineup. But not just this, an electric supercar would certainly boost the company’s electric credentials and could act as a flagship car for the brand in the same way that the R8 did when it first rolled off the production line in 2008. In essence, it could work as the magnet that draws people into dealerships and makes people think of Audi when they think of electric cars—watch out Tesla.

What would such a car look like? It would certainly make sense if the shape of the car modeled the Audi R8. In fact, it could even just replace the Audi R8 e-tron. This would require very little work for the company, and just produce an electric-only version of the car without a gas variant. Because the shape of the R8 is so iconic, it would make for a very, very smooth transition.

But an electric Audi supercar makes even more sense when you consider the brand’s continued involvement in Formula E. An all-electric R8 would make quite the headline car for the brand, and Audi could lean on the knowledge that it has gleaned from competing in the sport.

So, in short, an all-electric Audi supercar makes a whole lot of sense. But it is all up in the air at the moment. Fingers crossed that we hear an update soon.